The geniuses at CHI and LG H&H collaborated to innovate the hair color industry.
• Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent, Permanent, Gray coverage, Lift & Tone up to 3 levels , Tint back
• 108 Shades to select from Color Chart
• Unlimited Customized formulations
• Show clients what their color will look like using simulation Mode
• Saves time by dispensing fresh color formulations under two minutes.
• 30% Reduction in waste from overmixing formulations
• Environmentally friendly, reduces packaging waste in salons from color bottles, tubes and boxes

• Stainless steel cabinet
• Lightweight and easy to clean for convenience
• Quiet operation with no machine noise
• Touch Screen Tablet
• Transparent safety glass allows viewing of the machine in action formulating color
• Formulate directly from color dispenser or remotely from anywhere in the salon using the App
• Built in sensors and scale for precise formula measurements
• Indicator lights let you know the color formulation is complete
• Voice Activation and lights let you know when to remove the bowl
LG H&H R & D engineers joined forces with CHI Color mastermind Farouk Shami and his team of chemists and top hair colorists to create the CHI ColorMaster that can formulate unlimited hair color formulations at your fingertips! You can also customize your own color formulations making the possibilities endless! Farouk Systems is proud to continue our mission of Education, Environment and Innovation!

Application Setup

how to download and install the color

master formulator application

before you start you must obtain your

store number company number and pin

number in advance then create a google


you can do this by going to

it’s best but not required to create a

personalized email just for your color

master factory separate from your

personal google account

after you’ve created your google account

it is now time to download and install

the color master formulator app

on your tablet screen

click on the play store

search and download color master

formulator application

once your app is installed return to

your home screen and click your color

master app

now you will be able to use your color
master factory

The future of hair color.

the newest innovation in the industry

right now it’s the lgt color master


this infant it’s going to keep growing

and growing and growing this is going to

forever change the hair world

LG CHI Color Master Factory

what’s up guys it’s wesley palmer and

i’m very excited to show you guys the lg

g color master factory say hello to your

new color tubes these are color

canisters the canisters is what goes

into the lg g color master factory and i

just want to show you guys how easy it

is you’re going to go on the left side

open your door and then when you look

down you want to make sure you’re going

to see it this is shaped like a triangle

you’re going to flip it to where the

matches with the shape you’re going

gonna lift up the latch

place it in

and then all you do is pull this just a


and let it lock that’s it

12 canisters

there’s a one in

three in five in clear your additives

zero volume and 40 volume it’s going to

give you everything you’re going to be

able to go through and create any look

infinite colors just with 12 canisters

it’s insane with this you have two modes

so we have manual mode we have

simulation mode simulation mode is super

cool because what we can do with that is

you’re able to take a new client they’re

like okay i want to see what i look like

as a red head you’re going to go through

put your red formula in you snap a photo

of their hair they’re going to be

standing in front of the machine then

what it’ll do is it takes an x-ray photo

so all of their hair turns white then

it’s going to give you the suggested

formula for you it’s going to pop up in

before and after of what she looks like

with her normal level and then when she

looks like red it’s a lot of fun it’s

something brand new that’s gonna come to

you guys and it’s gonna be a good

education tool for a new stylist
Manual Mode

we’re gonna do manual mode though i

wanna show you guys how easy it is so

let’s create our toner using for our

cheap leech and shine model i’m gonna

bring up jewel does hair he is the

winner from the btc contest so i just

want to show how easy it is

have you ever used this before i have

not so first timer which you love so go
ahead and just open it up you’re going

to place your bowl on the scale

the scales are incredibly accurate

they’re calibrated like perfect now what

you’re going to do is at the very top

for your add color go ahead and press


now what we’re going to do right here is

we’re going to create our formula so go

ahead and press color
now here’s where joel’s going to go

through and he’s going to create our

formula for us the color master factory

was super super easy to use it’s very

easy to navigate around the whole system

i formulate it really quick and i like

that it stores everything so i don’t

have to worry about formulating again in

the future when my guest comes back i

have my beautiful friend summer here and

you guys see how easy it is you can see

how easy it is our formula for our key

bleach and shine model was 10b 10g we

did 30 grams of 10b

15 grams of 10g the way you change that

is the minuses and plus signs so on the

10g let’s just make that 15.

there we go

now if you wanted to you could go

through and do adjustments on this so

click adjustments the adjustments are

all the added so like if you want to go

through any of these additives you want

to have some clear you can

one in three and five in the chi color

master factory was super easy to use

just a couple pushes of buttons i like

that there’s an app that i can upload

all my clients information i double book

in the salon so i just love that i could

quickly push a button and their formula

will be ready in one to two minutes

you’re gonna click your formula it’s

that gray bar

and you’re gonna hit dispense
that’s it

pretty easy having the latest cutting

edge technology is always gonna set you

apart from everyone else you have this

thing that is basically magic that no

other stylist have and that sets you

apart in itself

the new chi bleach and shine if you guys

don’t have this you need to it’s an

absolute game changer my new favorite

bleach it’s going to go through and

protect the hair absolutely incredible

for the technique today what i’m going

to show you guys is a fast way to do a

money piece this is something i feel

like all of us could use in the salon

and a lot of my clients are clients that

need to get in and get out fast it’s

very low maintenance so i just wanted to

share you guys with my technique so you

guys can replicate this back home after

we have the key bleach and shine i need

to add some developer to it so when it’s

done and hit close we’re going to open

back up

and then we’re going to have everything

finished right here for us i’ll show you

guys it’s going to look like this so

we’re ready to go we’re going to put in

the automatic mixer takes 60 seconds

you’re gonna unlock it make sure you get

everything out and then

one two three mixing ratio this is my

favorite one for doing for highlights it

helps get through that hair really well

it’s gonna smooth on really nice

saturation is going to be beautiful and

it’s going to get a really good lift but

before i even start i’m going to take

bond and seal we’re going to spray the

bond and seal this way if the lightener

does get on the ends it’s going to

protect it and her hair is going to stay

nice and healthy for her first foil

weave boil two and foil through your

slice oil four weaves i’m trying to be

very gentle when folding my foils i

don’t want to go through and press too

heavy because if i do what i can do is i

can end up pushing out lightener and i

want it to stay as even as possible be

extremely gentle and try not to

manipulate the products very much

now that we’ve gone through and we’ve

rinsed out we’re gonna go through and

tone you’re gonna move fairly fast with

this this is only gonna sit on the hair

for about three to five minutes i don’t

want to darken her hair

nothing about this process made anything

harder it was very very simple

Where can I buy it or get started?
Call Howard at 301-333-8000

You can also buy Chi Canisters online at

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based company of hairdressers for hairdressers. They manufacture high quality professional hair care products, including industry-leading brands CHI® and BioSilk®. Farouk Systems was founded in 1986 by Dr. Farouk Shami, a hairdresser whose mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon “Education, Environment and Ethics”. Farouk Systems distributes its products throughout the United States and to over 150 countries worldwide. It is a digitally controlled color customization system that has 30,000 recommended formulations with the possibility to create unlimited color formulations with exact precision to make stylists’ artistry come to life.The LG CHI Color Master Factory is also environmentally conscious, cutting waste reduction by 30 percent and tracking colors dispensed for inventory purposes. It has built in sensors and a scale to measure for precise formulating.The LG CHI Color Master Factory takes the guesswork out of hair color by offering limitless formulations for permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent color formulations with ease to lift and tone up to three levels. It offers customized formulations, gray coverage, and tint back options with 108 shades + 8 additives selected from the color chart with color formulations that are ammonia and PPD free.The LG CHI Color Master Factory saves time by dispensing color formulations in under 2 minutes. The simulation mode allows stylists to take a picture of their clients to try on the color first with before and after images. To view the LG CHI Color Master Factory, visit: The LG CHI Color Master Factory houses 12 recyclable cylinders that replace the countless color bottles, tubes and boxes normally needed to customize that many colors. To begin formulating, the LG CHI Color Master Factory has two options – it can be manually programed using the touchscreen display or managed directly from a tablet or even a phone. For a tablet or phone, stylists can download the COLORMASTER application from the Google Play app store and then send their formulations directly to The LG CHI Color Master Factory. Since the color formulations are organized by stylist name and client name, there is no confusion on whose formulation is in queue. You can also see the color formulations being mixed – nothing hidden. When finished, a light will blink to let you know it is complete. An automated voice response and the touchscreen display will let you know when to remove the bowl. The LG CHI Color Master Factory also offers a client management system that will store clients’ formulas and photos for their next appointment.The LG CHI Color Master Factory is housed in a stainless-steel cabinet 18″ X 22″ X 22″ inches that weighs under 100lbs. for space saving and convenience. As a bonus, no noise is emitted from the machine to disrupt the salon environment.According to Dr. Farouk Shami, “Farouk Systems is proud to continue our mission of Advanced American Technology for stylists to bring the artistry of hair color to life. We are a company that has always based its success on innovation. Today, we bring you the LG CHI Color Master Factory that took over four years to develop. It devised with passion and a desire to manufacture something that would revolutionize our industry.”

North American Fade / The Jim

March 21st, 2022 | Springfield

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Session 1 – The North American Fade

Springfield, VA

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Educator: Kristi Faulkner

Session 2 – The Jim – The Wahl Professional Gentlemen’s Collection

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Location: Capitol Heights, MD

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In this course, you will build a confidence in creating dimension in the hair with techniques such as hair painting, teasy lights, baby lights and the ever so popular balayage.


Learn how to enhance your client’s natural hue
through placement, application, product
selection and tool choice.


Balayage Kit included with class

Date: May 3rd, 2021
Duration: 10 am – 4 pm
Tuition: $250
Included: Certificate, Manekin, Balayage Kit

Mens Design

A combination of fundamental techniques and modern inspiration, this course will elevate your approach to men’s


Incorporate barbering techniques into current
trends and practice with various techniques
and tools to create shape and texture.


*participants must bring their own tools

• Razor(Feather)
• Scissors
• Texturizing scissors
• Clippers with guards
• Trimmers
• Cutting comb
• Detangling comb
• 6 Sectioning clips
• Spray bottle
• Blow dryer with nozzle
• Flat /Denman/ Vent /Small round brushes
• Flat iron

Date: May 10th, 2021
Duration: 10 am – 4 pm
Tuition: $195
Included: Certificate, Manekin

Braids & Up Styling

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Strengthen skills in braiding and up styling
by identifying various braid patterns and
learning up style techniques.


*participants must bring their own tools

• Rat tail /Detailing comb
• Styling ( wide tooth) comb
• 6 Crocodile clips
• 8 Sectioning clips
• 1 & 1/2″ curling iron
• Blow dryer with nozzle
• Flat/Denman/Styling brush
• Flat iron

Date: May 24th, 2021
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Tuition: $150
Included: Certificate, Hair Pin Kit

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Learn the fundamental principles of cutting techniques and understand the essential elements used in everyday work at the salon or barbershop. This course covers leading principles in correct sectioning, elevation, distribution, and design.


Be able to create any haircuts with combination of techniques with precision to elevate your craft.


*participants must bring their own tools

• Scissors
• Texturizing scissors
• Cutting combs
• Detangling comb
• 6 Sectioning clips
• Spray bottle

Date: June 7th, 2021
Duration: 10 am – 5 pm
Tuition: $195
Included: Certificate, Manekin

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