Sanek Neck Strips

GRAHAM SANEK STRIP offers exceptional absorbency and 60 strips per pack, catering to professionals and individuals. They swiftly absorb moisture and loose hair, enhancing salon efficiency and customer comfort. The bulk packaging in boxes of 12 packs ensures convenience and storage. Designed with hypoallergenic materials for added comfort, Graham Sanek Strip is a trusted brand dedicated to a clean and comfortable environment. Find GRAHAM SANEK STRIP 12PK/CS 43310 at Pauls Beauty Warehouse, your go-to source for salon and barber supplies.

  • Made from premium and soft material.
  • Highly absorbent tissue.
  • Stretch to comfortably fit the client’s neck.
  • Economical and convenient.
  • Trusted by professionals.





NECK STRIPS GRAHAM SANEK offers exceptional absorbency and prove to be a highly practical solution for catching drips and loose hair, ultimately elevating the level of customer comfort. With each pack containing an impressive 60 strips, and each box comprising 12 packs, Sanek neck strips cater to the needs of both professionals and individuals seeking a top-quality product.

When it comes to salon services or personal grooming sessions, one of the main challenges faced by both stylists and clients is the occurrence of drips and loose hair. These nuisances can often dampen the experience and compromise the overall comfort of the individual. Sanek neck strips address this issue effectively with their exceptional absorbency. Made from high-quality materials, these neck strips are specifically designed to swiftly absorb any moisture or loose hair, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment throughout the service.

The absorbent nature of Sanek neck strips not only enhances cleanliness but also contributes to the overall efficiency of salon procedures. Stylists can focus on providing impeccable services without worrying about spills or stray hairs, allowing them to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. The absorbent properties of these neck strips streamline the clean-up process, saving valuable time and effort.

Additionally, the ample quantity of 60 strips per pack ensures that professionals have an abundant supply readily available, enabling them to efficiently serve numerous clients. The generous pack size also proves convenient for individuals who frequently engage in personal grooming at home. With a substantial number of strips on hand, one can enjoy uninterrupted grooming sessions without the need for frequent restocking.

Sanek neck strips are packaged in boxes containing 12 packs, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to providing convenience and value to customers. This bulk packaging option is particularly advantageous for salon owners or beauty supply stores, as it ensures a steady supply of neck strips to meet the demands of their clientele. Moreover, the boxes are designed to be compact and easily stackable, allowing for efficient storage and organization.

In addition to their functional benefits, Graham Sanek neck strips are also designed with customer comfort in mind. The soft and gentle texture of the strips ensures a pleasant experience during salon services or personal grooming sessions. The materials used are hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of any adverse reactions or discomfort for individuals with sensitive skin.

Sanek, a trusted brand renowned for its commitment to excellence, continuously strives to provide the optimum customer experience. By offering highly absorbent neck strips, they demonstrate their dedication to ensuring a clean and comfortable environment, whether in a professional salon or personal grooming setting. The availability of 60 strips per pack and 12 packs per box guarantees an abundant supply, meeting the needs of professionals and individuals alike. With Sanek neck strips, catching drips and loose hair becomes effortless, contributing to an enhanced overall experience for both clients and stylists.

GRAHAM SANEK STRIP 12PK/CS 43310 is available at Paul’s Beauty Warehouse, Professional Beauty Supply Store, the leading source of professional salon & barber supplies for stylists & barbers.


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