The Prime Platinum blade represents a significant leap forward in shaving performance and comfort. Manufactured with innovation at its core, this blade offers a unique combination of advanced features.

The Double Coating technology applied to the Prime Platinum blade ensures a soft and gentle shave while providing resistance against corrosion. The result is a luxurious shaving experience that leaves your skin feeling smooth and irritation-free.

With the incorporation of the Double Coating and our new advanced blade design, we have achieved a thinner and finer edge that effortlessly cuts through hair with minimal skin irritation and fewer nicks.

The package features a pictogram that clearly illustrates the blade’s functions, making it easy to understand its benefits at a glance. Additionally, we have implemented a hologram sticker as a security measure to safeguard against counterfeiting.

Look out for the distinctive blue-colored DORCO CI & Prime imprint on the blade, a mark of our commitment to quality.

Key Functions of the Prime Platinum Double Edge Blade:

  • Soft Shave and Reduced Skin Irritation: Experience a gentle and comfortable shave, leaving your skin feeling soothed and refreshed.
  • Excellent Sharpness & Remarkable First Cut: Enjoy the precision and efficiency of a razor-sharp blade, delivering an exceptional initial shave.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The Prime Platinum blade is designed to withstand extended use, ensuring a reliable shaving experience that lasts.

Upgrade your shaving routine with the Dorco Prime Platinum Double Edge Blade and discover the ultimate combination of comfort, sharpness, and longevity.

DORCO BLADE PRIME PLAT 10 X 10 is available at Pauls Beauty Warehouse, Professional Beauty Supply Store, the leading source of professional salon & barber supplies for stylists & barbers.

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