Spring is in full swing and it’s a wonderful time of change, growth and trying new things! Have you thought about switching up your products or work routine but not sure what to try? Check these products out and go for it!

Marmara Aftershave:

Believe me when I tell you this stuff is FLYING off the shelves. This popular aftershave is available in 4 different scents. We just know you and your clients will love these. Made with 70% alcohol these leave a clean fresh feeling and like I already mentioned, an amazing scent. And for less than $10 what’s not to love?

Andis Cordless Master

If you don’t have this clipper yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! I’m serious, it has over 90 minutes of run time, and charges in just 1 hour. This is what cordless barbering is all about! It has a powerful, high-speed motor that won’t drag, and an adjustable carbon steel blade giving you range from 000 to 1. And of course, the very necessary and convenient charging stand, so that you can charge at your station in style. It comes with a 1-year warranty that you probably won’t need but it’s nice to have.

P.S. Have you heard it comes in Gold now? If you want it, you better hurry because supplies are VERY limited.

Wahl Retro T-Cut Trimmer

Designed for extremely close trimming, facial hair detail and design, this trimmer features an extended blade cutting area to reduce time while still achieving amazing results. It’s lightweight with up to 1 hour of run time, giving you freedom and flexibility to do your best work. It’s equipped with t-wide blades and adjusts to zero overlap for sharper fade and blending abilities. It’s part of the Wahl 5 Star Series, and definitely receives a 5 Star rating from us!

Babyliss FoilFX02

If you’re looking for sophisticated style, and high functioning quality, this is the shaver for you. Make a statement at your chair with a Red, White, or Black Babyliss foil shaver. Expertly made with hypoallergenic gold foils to reduce inflammation and irritation, and an all-metal housing for style and durability. Not only is it beautiful and gentle, it’s super powerful, equipped with an all-rotary motor, and up to 3-hour cordless run time.

Betty Dain Gold cape

No need to compromise fashion for function. Betty Dain has a variety of capes and design. This gold barber cape showcases vintage barber tools and is sure to be a conversation piece in your shop. It’s made with lightweight polyester, has extended back coverage and is water resistant to keep your clients ultra-comfortable. And to make things easy on you, all it takes is a snap to fasten.

Well’s Tea Tree Oil

This100% pure essential oil is a natural solution that can be used in countless ways. Tea tree is amazing for skin, smells awesome, and a natural cleanser. Tea tree oil is made from melaleuca and is safe to use directly on the skin. However, avoid using it around the eyes or in the nose as well as avoiding direct sunlight after immediate use to avoid UV damage. Use well’s tea tree oil to heal skin infections, as a natural disinfectant and for its purifying qualities. There’ tons of ways to use it. Whether its’s diluted in water for an aftershave, or diffused in the air for a fresh scent in your shop, you’re sure to enjoy the powerful effects of tea tree.

Kure Victory 2 Barber Chair

This functional and affordable barber chair is the perfect addition to your shop. With firm and fluffy cushioning and sophisticated black arm rest, it adds style and comfort to your barber shop. The wide seat and adjustable head and foot rests makes this suitable for all your guests and ensure comfort for everyone.