Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper: This one-of-a-kind clipper was designed for traditional tapering and fading, precision fades, and clipper over comb work, but is capable of so much more! Equipped with an adjustable blade lever and cordless capabilities, the possibilities are endless. A true classic for any barber, this clipper belongs in your arsenal.

Babyliss Pro Outliner Combo: Available in several colors, this combo comes with the FX787 all-metal outlining trimmer and the FXFS2 all-metal cord/cordless double foil shaver. The skeleton style trimmer allows for greater visibility when creating lines and designs, making it the best tool for the creative barber. The shaver is equipped with a powerful rotary motor and up to a 3-hour runtime. This luxurious combo is sure to wow your clients and are the perfect tools to feature on your social along with your amazing creations. And on top of all that? You save money when you purchase the combo.

Vincent Cutting Capes: Available in various designs, colors, and sizes, the Vincent cutting capes are a high-quality and stylish option to keep your clients covered. Made of silky lightweight polyester, it’s static free and water repellent. Expertly fashioned with a snap close for easy fastening

BT Neck Duster: Achieve that perfect finish for your client with this powder neck duster. With long, soft bristles that are great for dusting off stray hairs, the final result is flawless. Just fill the durable plastic handle with powder and push the button to dispense. Available in black or white to match your taste.

PB450 Barber Comb: We all need the basics, no matter how much we like shiny new tools, the basics are the basics for a reason. The PB450 comb is a solid barber comb at an unbeatable price. Available in cases of 12, you receive a clear plastic storage case for easy identification and storage. Ever have any last-minute questions? Our phone number is imprinted on every comb!

Zeepk Razor Handle: Made with high quality stainless steel, ZeePk razor handles are an affordable and high-functioning option for barbers and stylists alike. Available in several colors and a choice of plastic or metal, there’s a perfect pick for everyone. It has an extremely flexible pivot point for personalized grip, allowing you to do your best work every time.

Dorco Blades: Tried and true, you can always count on Dorco for high-quality razor blades, that give a close shave every time. Made of rust proof stainless steel, these blades fit most standard straight razors. Choose from Dorco St-300, St-301 or prime, but know that no matter what these double edge blades will always deliver quality results.