Missed our Nioxin Live education with Diane Stevens on 3/5? No worries, check out this recap! If you’d like to re-watch the recorded session, head over to our Instagram @paulsbeautywarehouse and watch “Scalp care is the new self-care” under our IGTV page.

Diane Stevens shared all about innovative products from Nioxin and techniques to use for the best result for you and your clients!

Adding treatments like Nioxin systems, are a great way to provide elevated services because more than anything clients want to feel that they are being cared for and to have nice healthy hair.

The first service Diane shared was the Nioxin Dry Scalp treatment. This is a great service for someone who has a visibly irritated and unhealthy scalp. Starting with the purifying exfoliator, apply the treatment to the hairline through to the nape, then ear to ear, and finish off the rest of the scalp like a grid. Ensure the treatment reaches the client’s entire scalp. Once applied massage for about 5 minutes. Following treatment, shampoo and condition with Nioxin 3-part system. This treatment leaves the client’s scalp feeling cool and energized and helps restore scalp health.

Another awesome treatment that you can offer with Nioxin products is a deep penetrating hair mask to help prevent breakage. Nioxin Deep Protect density Mask reduces breakage up to 90%. Start by putting the mask into a mixing bowl. Apply all over the client’s head using a tint brush. Once their entire head is covered, place a hot towel over the hair and scalp. Let process for 5-10 minutes. Get creative with the treatment and have your client process under a steamer, overhead dryer, or in a processing cap. Once processed, rinse and shampoo with the Nioxin system kit shampoo and conditioner.

Heal and moisturize your client’s scalp with the new scalp relief kit made with aloe vera. A 3- part system that soothes and detangles while maintaining body and fullness. Apply 10 pumps of the soothing serum after shampoo and conditioning all over the scalp and massage. This fixes dryness and soothes your client’s scalp with a paraben and sulfate free formula and a clean fragrance.

Nioxin has 6 different kits for you to use on your clients based on their hair type and history. These kits include a cleanser, conditioner, and treatment to restore scalp and root health. Diane’s trick for best results with the system kits is to start with a dry head. Apply shampoo with a tint brush to a dry head and massage to help the natural oils on your client’s scalp break down and moisturize their skin and hair. Rinse and massage again then condition and apply treatment to the scalp as normal.

If you have questions or want to learn more, follow Diane on Instagram @dianecolestevens