Got2Be Freezing Spray (not to be mistaken with gorilla glue spray adhesive)

I think we’re all pretty familiar with the power and versatility of Got2be Freezing Blast spray, but if you’re not, let’s get you up to speed. This is a high hold hair spray that can be used to set your style in place, whether you’re spiking it up, laying your wig, or just don’t want your hair to move all day. This is the hairspray for you!

Fav Foam Wrap

If you’re looking for body, shine, and bounce, this is the foam wrap for you. It’s affordable, alcohol free, and is great for rod sets, waves, and wrapping. It has a pleasant light scent, flake free, and leaves your clients looking fabulous. Only available here at Paul’s Beauty, choose from 8 oz, 32 oz, or 1 gallon.

Joie My Gel

This gel is specially formulated to condition and nourish your hair for healthy shine. Made with rich ingredients like lemongrass oil and ginseng root extract, Joie My Gel stimulates and promotes healthy growth and gives hair shafts a thicker look. It’s a phenomenal styling aid and is the perfect gel for locs and retwisting roots. Not to mention it smells amazing. Looking for even stronger hold? We now carry MyGel Extra Hold at Paul’s Beauty!

LA/B Keratin treatment spruzzi/original/domani

Brazilian haircare at its finest! All of La brasiliana’s keratin and collagen treatments add shine, smooth, and soften to eliminate frizz. However, they each have their own special formulas to offer flexibility for your clients. Spruzzi treatments last up around 2 months, has a fast spray application, and can be shampooed after just 24 hours! Original formula is the most moisturizing of the treatments making it a great choice for dry hair. It lasts around 3 months and should be shampooed at least 4 days after application.  Finally, Domani is long lasting with results for approximately 4 months. It contains everyone’s favorite, argan oil, to help repair damage and can be shampooed after only 24 hours. Which one are you going to try?

Olivia Garden Silk Cut Shears (Special Order only)

Winner of Launchpad reader’s choice award in 2019, this shear set offers high performance and elevated comfort. Available in 5”. 5.75” and 6.5” as well as left-handed, these razor-sharp shears offer versatility in your styling. They feature ergonomic handles, and a micro tension dial, for high precision work. These are only available as special, but they are worth the wait!

H2Pro Vivace Flat Iron

There’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly adjust and dance around because your flat iron cord is too short. Well, no more worries about that issue, this ceramic plated flat iron comes equipped with a 9 ft swivel cord, so you can stop dancing and get to styling. Not only that but it reduces frizz and avoids damage with tourmaline technology, diamond powder infused ceramic plates, and argan oil coating. Say hello to your new favorite flat irons, plus it’s available in 4different sizes!